Napa 2023

Future Delegate, thank you for your interest in Mindfluence! We are thrilled to offer this irresistible experience.

If you are a C-Suite, Senior Executive, or Director, you may qualify to attend and participate at one of our Mindfluence series events.

This invitation only, high level event brings together visionaries, business leaders and leading solution providers. We work to improve products and services through team collaboration, networking, education and peer-to-peer meetings. Your time is valuable. This is an incredible opportunity to engage, network, share ideas and socialize in an intimate environment at a luxury hotel. Once approved, your invite is all inclusive.

For your Delegate 1:1 meetings, please rate 1-10 who you would like to request to meet.

This is due Thursday, October 19th please and thank you!

Napa 2023 Survey