Say goodbye to
boring events!

Hello to Mindfluence! Think Boldly with our fresh approach to building relationships and sharing knowledge. This is where true visionaries unite with innovative solution providers to stimulate, provoke and inspire dialogue.


Revolutionize your industry with peer knowledge and experience.


Expand your network, grow your business and form invaluable relationships.


Collaborate emerging issues, establish the best practices for your real world problems.

Our Mission

Often, decision makers and influencers are inundated with vendor stats, brochures and information to determine what is best for your company. Vendors typically provide an abundance of information to decision makers, often with no connection to the need of the company or people in mind.

Our mission is to change how both decision makers and solution providers interact with each other to provide meaningful dialogue.

Forget the typical conference, which may or may not focus on the latest industry buzz, vendor specific pitches or trendy new development. Our learning sessions are vendor agnostic only as we focus on peer-to-peer discussions and 1:1 meetings. These sessions bring together influential minds, creating discussions through experience and desire from both sides to create better solutions for all. Mindfluence rewards you with exactly just that.

Bottom Line

Let's make business trips feel like vacation, and dare we say, fun!