MindFluence Release and Indemnification 2024

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Federal Government and each State in the United States of America have issued different guidelines and timelines for their phased re-openings due to COVID-19, thus determining each city/county/state’s ability to hold gatherings and in-person meetings. Additionally, each company and/or place of business has also issued different guidelines and policies to best protect their employees, customers, agents and/or visitors. Due to the uncertainty of a pandemic, All Parties recognize there could be a new pandemic, a resurgence of COVID-19 and/or a mutation of a virus can create an unpredictability whether the in-person event can be hosted original booking and/or planning.

As such, we at Mindfluence LLC will review the state’s Pandemic Guidelines for in-person events and the venue’s policies to maintain a clean and socially distanced environment. It is Mindfluence’s top priority to keep all parties safe during these in-person events, while also providing an enlightening experience. Mindfluence cannot guarantee that Any Party will be completely protected at any event, including Delegates, Partners, Attendees, or Contractors from contracting a virus and/or disease.

As Mindfluence provides in-person events and services, All Parties agree to release Mindfluence’s officers, advisors, employees, contractors and agents from indemnification and assign them harmless from any and all claims for damages should anyone affiliated with All Parties to include employees, contractors, representatives, officers, advisors and/or agents and their successors contracting a virus from sponsoring, participating and/or attending any type of a Mindfluence event.

Partners/Delegates agree that they will not file, nor cause to be filed, nor participate in any lawsuit against Mindfluence & employees, contractors, representatives, officers, advisors, agents, sponsors and/or venues in any way connected with attending a Mindfluence event to include the staff from whom we are receiving services, their employees, contractors, officers, advisors, and agents for injuries and/or death because of contracting a virus. Partners/Delegates also agree that if we take any steps to make a claim for damages against Mindfluence & employees, contractors, representatives, officers, advisors and/or agents or any other released parties arising out of our attendance, participation, and sponsorship of a Mindfluence event, they shall be obligated to pay all attorneys’ fees and legal costs incurred because of such a claim.